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 Guide to The Salvation

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PostSubject: Guide to The Salvation   Guide to The Salvation I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 6:35 am

The Ultimate Guide To The Salvation!

I know that since The Salvation isn't a normal Clan some might not understand it, so here is the run down.

The Salvation is a band of rouges, therefor their names are single parts [Like the leader's name, Bandit.]


The leader of the group is much like the leader of a Clan. The leader is Bandit, played by Bandit.

While the title is the same as in a Clan, the deputy in The Salvation has really no job. When the leader leaves, the Deputy is the one who steps up in their absence. When the leader dies, they take over. Otherwise, they stay doing their respective job as a warrior or hunter. No special privileges, other then getting their own den, and being next in line for the thrown. The deputy is ____, played by

Warriors are the fighters of the group. While in a Clan warriors are hunters, defenders, attackers, ect, Warriors in this rouge group only fight and defend.

Hunters are exactly what the name says; hunters. They hunt for the Clan.

Trainees are the apprentices of the group. They are trained by both a warrior and a hunter. When it becomes time for them to have their ceremony, the leader picks which job the trainee was better at and promotes them to that. [either a hunter or warrior.]

Kits are the same as in a Clan.

Healers are the equivalent of a Medicine cat, except they follow a code other then the Medicine cat code. [see bottom for code]

Healer's Trainee
The equivalent of a medicine cat apprentice. They follow the same code as the Healer.


Why is there no Queens or Elders?
A queen is still expected to do her warrior/hunter duties so there is no need for another rank. Cats are kicked out when they are too old to serve the group, so there is no need for that rank either.

[will add more as they come]


1. Your rank of importance when healing is, in order, Leader, Deputy, Warriors, Hunters, Trainees, Kits.
2. You are required to keep all supplies in stock.
3. There can be two healers, and two healer's trainees.
4. You are not to share supplies with any other group, Clan, rouge, or kittypet.



Bandit, Leader of The Salvation.
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Guide to The Salvation
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